BUD Info & Sharing Session

Last Friday, April 23, 2021, International Office UNPAR conducted an information and sharing session regarding the Be Unpar’s Delegation (BUD). BUD is a mobility program for UNPAR students to take part in international activities abroad. Students will have the opportunity to experience international exposure through a wide-range of programs provided by UNPAR partner universities. The BUD program is divided into two subcategories: Semester-Based and Short Course.

In the information session, we invite spokesmen from Hanyang (South Korea) and Lille (France) University. They give insightful and useful information regarding their university in the context of studying abroad. After the information session, we invited several Be Unpar’s Delegation alumnus to share their experiences and thoughts after joining the international program. Not only the students who have experienced studying abroad directly, students who have conducted their study through hybrid (offline and online) and fully-online methods are also present. The sharing session has been fruitful and insightful.

Worry not if you did not join the BUD Information and Sharing Session, because IO Unpar will upload the recording of the session in our YouTube channel and might probably conduct a similar session in the future to clear up your confusion. Stay tuned! 🙂