• My name is Souphavanh Boutthavong, I come from Lao People’s Democratic Republic. I had studied in Parahyangan Catholic University since 2016.

    For me, studying in Public Administration Major for Bachelor Degree was valuable and extremely challenging at the same time. Through these four years, I discovered many things whether about Public Administration itself or the skill how to survive and adapt with the new environment that I’ve never been before. That is so essential and important for my own future.

    During the moment of spending time in UNPAR as an international student, I had learned that it was okay if I felt uncomfortable in another country which it was not my own place. Thus I had to effort harder than everyone therefore I would be able to achieve my ultimate goal which was the diploma of Bachelor Degree. Year by year, I suddenly realized that my goal was not only the diploma but it were all about the friendship and also the process of struggling in Public Administration Major by myself. Moreover I also improved my personal skill in many ways and more confident to take any challenge whatever it would happen.

    In the first place, I attented the UNPAR’s exam recruitment intentionally and I had no regret because UNPAR is totally the one of qualified University in Bandung. UNPAR gave me the amazing opportunity to access such a new World, taugh me how to find the solution in any condition, and encouraged me to be tough and strong through many experiences. Lastly, no word could truly describe my express toward the chance of studying in UNPAR. I’d just like to tell everyone that I am so grateful to become a part of UNPAR once in my life.

    Souphavanh Boutthavong ( Public Administration)
  • My name is Razafimanjary Maminiaina Aimee and I come from Madagascar. I am one of the students who received a KNB scholarship from the Indonesian Government in 2017.
    During my study at UNPAR, I was able to elevate my knowledge. During these three years, I have not only deepened my knowledge regarding Management, but also gained value and quality that is important for my future.

    UNPAR taught me that in life, every problem has a solution so that the most important thing is to stay calm and above all to surpass yourself. UNPAR also taught me that we are always valued for our efforts. So, if we want more, we must learn more. We must not be jealous of others, what is needed is to work hard.

    Most importantly, UNPAR has taught me to push my limits, and the motto “Go Beyond” has helped and encouraged me to overcome all obstacles. Studying in Indonesia is truly a lifetime experience, and studying at UNPAR will have a positive impact on your future.

    Maminiaina Aimee (KNB Student, Madagascar)
  • I studied at Universitas Katolik Parahyangan under the Kemitraan Negara Berkembang (KNB) Scholarship. Studying in Universitas Katolik Parahyangan was a life changing decision for me. I spent 2 years in UNPAR from 2018 to 2020 to pursue a Master of Management. During my study, I got many valuable experiences and also met many helpful people in the university. UNPAR is one of the best choices to study in Bandung, Indonesia due to its quality and environment which can help you to develop more in terms of knowledge and connection.

    Elisabet dos Santos Freitas (KNB Student, Timor Leste)
  • I am an Exchange Student from Germany doing my Semester abroad at the UNPAR. It is not my first time being in Indonesia but I have only been around the countryside so far, hence it I was very excited to get to know the Indonesian “big city life”.

    In comparison to my University in Germany this one is really big and I have to admit, I already got lost a few times, for example looking for the library. But this is never a big deal, because I can just ask any Student who is around. They are always really friendly and happy to help out. It is so easy to just ask anyone on the Campus for help, because their English skills are really good, especially of those who study “International Relations” as to be expected. Another Difference to my University in Germany is that here the classes are quite small and it is important to participate actively, in Germany there are many lectures mostly visited by so many students that it is not even possible to participate that much. My Impression of studying and living here is that, if you are open to it, you can easily make a lot of new friends and take so many new perspectives home from it.

    Living in Bandung was a little bit difficult when it came to learn how to handle the traffic, because there are nearly no sidewalks and traffic lights are rare as well. Nevertheless, I got used to it and know how to deal with it around here by now- just walk confidently with your hand in front of you facing the cars. Moreover, Bandung is a big city with so many places where you can get away from the city life as well. There are a lot of parks, for example Tebing Keraton and many other interesting and insanely beautiful places.

    What I really like about living here, is that you can get a proper meal at nearly every corner without spending too much money. Also, Indonesians are always up for a good conversation, even if their English is not that good, you always manage to communicate.

    I am very glad I was given the opportunity to spend my semester abroad here, it has been an experience I will never forget.

    Mariam Bonson (European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder)
  • The Joint Degree Program MIS-MBA from Universitas Katolih Parahyangan and Jiangsu University is an exceptional combination. Unpar is a university that places quality education for its students above all else. We are taught by competent lecturers that gives us a comprehensive basic theory to master our field study. The assignments that were given to me provides me with the experience and knowledge to develop my skill in writing paper.

    On the other hand, Jiangsu University offers practical business experience for its students in the form of study tour. MBA students we given some option to participate in study tour to several corporation in China, becoming an intern at companies that cooperate with Jiangsu, or they could even start their own business. Besides that, Jiangsu provides me with conducive and comfortable study environment supported by excellent facilities for me to study. Fortunately, i gain an unforgettable experience by meeting with other student from a lot of different countries to help me understand cultural diversity and to know the cultures of other people.

    Teti Sumyati (Joint Degree MIS UNPAR & MBA Jiangsu University)
  • Joint Master Degree program between Social Science of Universitas Katolik Parahyangan and MBA of Jiangsu University offers a holistic study experience both in theoretical and practical aspects. I get the knowledge from high quality lecturers and different comfortable environments from two notable universities in two different countries. On top of that, the chance to experience the culture in a foreign country motivates me to take this MIS-MBA Joint Master Degree program.

    I highly recommend Unpar and Jiangsu MIS-MBA joint degree program because we are trained to be both a social engineer and a businessman at the same time. We will understand business not just in the local context but also globally especially if we consider how China now is a major economic power. We will also get the valuable experience to visit companies in China, blending with in other students from different countries, and lastly i get the opportunity to represent Indonesia in a cultural festival.

    The good thing about this joint degree program is that a full scholarship is available to cover tuition fees so that we only have to pay for accommodation, transportation, and for daily needs which is the same as it is in Bandung. Welcome to the MIS-MBA Jiangsu Joint degree program!










    Daniel Hermawan (Joint Degree MIS UNPAR & MBA Jiangsu University)
  • The West Java Field Study helps me to become more fluent in Indonesian language and increase my independent research skills, which I think will help me to pursue a career in the government of Australia or an NGO in Indonesia. I have also joined the futsal club at UNPAR which has been a great experience. I have made so many new friends. Other than futsal, I enjoy travelling around Indonesia and Bandung, and visiting cafes in my spare time with friends. Bandung has so many great places to eat!

    Ashleigh Cook (Flinders University)
  • I think the International Relations Program has helped increase my proficiency in Bahasa Indonesian, which will help in my future career. I also think that I have a better understanding of the Indonesian perspective of the bilateral relationship between Australia and Indonesia, which will shape the way I conduct myself when working with Indonesian people in the future. Apart from academic life, I like escaping the busy city life in Bandung by going to explore the beautiful waterfalls, mountains and rice fields. I also like finding new cafes to eat at too!

    Jordyn Archer (University of Sunshine Coast)
  • I could enjoy my life in UNPAR and Bandung for five months. I really appreciate everyone’s kindness and help.

    When I landed on Bandung in August, I was very worried about my life because I could not understand Bahasa well. Though I was lonely a little because there were a few Japanese and people who spoke Japanese in Bandung and Japanese student at UNPAR was only me, I had been looking forward to meeting teachers, the IO staff and students. Thanks to the IO staff and my student buddy, Nathaya, these worries eased soon. I could make friends with a lot of local students and Australian exchange students. Classes in UNPAR were student-centered and I felt that everyone studied hard. In my university, Kwansei Gakuin, many of classes are teacher-centered. So, I got motivation from UNPAR students. read more


    Ai Takahashi (Kwansei Gakuin University)
  • My experience studying at UNPAR is something I will always remember. I thoroughly enjoyed the engagement with lecturers and particularly building friendships with Indonesian classmates. Working on group tasks together was fascinating and gave me a whole new perspective on International Relations. I found the teaching quality to be of a high standard

    James Ritchie (University of Tasmania)
  • When I arrived in Bandung, I was extremely overwhelmed by how big and busy the city was. After spending a few days around the city, getting to meet new people and exploring how beautiful the city really was, I started to fall in love with the place. Within a week, I had made good friends, become familiar with friendly local faces and started to settle in quite well. Once uni started, I felt confident enough to know where I was and it was a great experience going to class with Indonesian students. This program was great at making you feel a part of the community and assimilating you into the culture. I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to immerse themselves into the Indonesian way of life and make some life long connections along the way.

    Karis Elyse Erceg (Australia)
  • The small campus makes it easy to get to know lectures and students. The majority classes were really small which allowed everyone to participate. Lectures seemed very willing to give help if there was a problem.

    Sarah Elizabeth Coe (Australia)
  • I feel satisfied with the programs given because is delivered what i expected of an exchange experience: new friends, new knowledge, new experiences, and most importantly new ways of thinking. All the services given was fantastic! I felt like i could ask for help if i needed if and all the paperwork was processed smoothly.

    Allana Jade Smith (Australia)
  • I love studying in UNPAR because the lectures are fantastic and the class interaction is briliant for learning. It is also nice because there is a real sense of community within the university. Everyone i interacted with was extremely friendly, open, and welcoming.

    Shanti Omodei-James (Australia)