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How We Collaborate

  • Teaching

Teaching has been the very primary asset in UNPAR. Striving to nurture young generations, we collaborate with numerous actors to enable students to learn in various methods, from general lecture to international conference and direct  experience. We aim to equip students with knowledge and skills to face their future endeavors. There are three levels of study programs offered by UNPAR: bachelor, master, doctoral, vocational, and professional.

  • Research

UNPAR is heading toward becoming a research-based university that is well acknowledged both nationally and internationally. Consequently, the activities and the results of research activities will be used as the basis for learning materials and processes. In the past few years, the number of research activities and scientific publications has risen exponentially, also the quality and citation rate.

  • Internship

Aside from academic learning, we also encourage students to learn in a non- academic way such as internship. Through an internship, students may obtain new insights and perspectives of a specific field and hands on experience in the field. Our students have become recognized interns in various workplaces such as ministries, business entities, and organizations.

  • Student Mobility

UNPAR offers student mobility scheme for students to build their networks and expand their insights across cultural backgrounds. We collaborate with numerous institutions around the world to provide opportunities for students to experience international exposure through a wide-range of programs. Be Unpar’s Delegation (BUD) is a program that organizes student mobility. It covers Student Exchange, Study Abroad, and Short Course Programs.


Our Future Endeavours

We are always looking for partners to collaborate with and grow together. We believe that through collaboration and cooperation, we may establish a sustainable community for people to learn and flourish.

Our current collaboration strategy is aimed at supporting the following initiatives:

  1. Increasing international interactions through student and staff mobilities
  2. Developing learning process across all faculties
  3. Advancing research activities.
  4. Increasing publications.
  5. Developing impactful community service activities.
  6. Establishing and developing Medical (and) Health Faculty
  7. Establishing and developing Education Faculty
  8. Establishing Vocational Study Faculty in the field of:
    1. hospitality management
    2. transportation management (non-technical)
  9. Working with our partner in developing their Institute of Health Science (including education for nurses)