UNPAR Leadership for Industrial Revolution 4.0 Learning in ISC 2020

In the early 2020, International Office ( IO ) Unpar return again with their annual International Student Conference on Global Citizenship ( ISC ). ISC has been held consecutively for nine times since 2013.

By delivering the theme on “ The Role of Industrial Revolution 4.0 on Global Citizenship”, ISC 2020 were conducted in both Bandung and Jakarta from January 11th until 18th 2020. Several topics were discussed throughout the conference, some of the topics are, but not limited to : Big Data and Internet of Things, Security and Legal Framework, Employment Competences and Educational Transformation, Ethics and Social Problem, as well as topics circulating climate and environmental impact. A one-week duration conference was enriched through the programs offered, composing of 2 Key Lectures, 5 Workshops, 3 Site Visits and 2 Cultural activities. In addition, ISC 2020 was honored to receive 3 overseas lecturers: 1 key speaker from Malmö University and also 2 workshop facilitators from Malmö University and James Madison University.

As according to the theme, ISC this year was specifically held to raise the awareness along with providing forum to improve the understanding, necessary knowledge as well as experience and perspective to address Industrial Revolution 4.0. Furthermore, ISC significantly becomes an effective platform for enhancing one’s own soft skill and also a platform for Indonesia initiative of introducing the cultural knowledge of West Java region and as well the multiculturalism gained through the program.

The conference officially commenced on Sunday ( 12/1 ) by UNPAR Rektorat Mangadar Situmorang, Ph.D., with his speech delivering the message for  ISC success in the intention to open up participants sphere of knowledge in regards to technology development and global citizens dynamics and change in relation to Industrial Revolution 4.0. following the Opening Ceremony, the participants receive Key Lectures brought by Niclas Andersson, Ph.D. from Malmo University and Prof. Bambang Sugiharto from UNPAR. 

For two days, the participants were involved in several workshops delivered by facilitators from various backgrounds from professional academics and practitioners. The workshops facilitators were Anthony Marwan Dermawan (Qlue Indonesia), Dr. Veronica Sri Moertini (Unpar), Shannon Conley, Ph.D. (James Madison University), Tobias Denskus, D.Phil. (Malmo University), and the team from  Assegaf Hamzah and Partner. Following this workshop, participants gained practical comprehension, interactive real-case activities and group discussion of how the Industrial Revolution 4.0 propels innovation and impact in a global scale. 

Besides given the interesting and fruitful academic experiences, participants were introduced to real-world sites of the technology implementation such as the most prominent e-commerce company  established by Indonesia nationals namely Gojek and Bli Bli. Also during the visit to Jakarta, Participants continue the activities with sporty team – building experience by competing in Amazing Race at Taman Mini Indah Indonesia ( TMII ), an Indonesia cultural theme park. Adding to the rich experience, ISC further invite the participants from outside of Indonesia to taste the unique local culture of Indonesia by visiting West Java Cultural centre of Saung Angklung Udjo, given the background knowledge and hands-on practice in the various Batik Making,  as well as interactive Bahasa Indonesia Class.

Students from various national backgrounds around the world, as well as diverse educational background in different majors and from undergraduate to master degree students, all participating in International Student Conference 2020 with a total of 76 students. The participants were constituted of students from UNPAR local students, both Indonesian and from exchange program such as KNB and Darmasiswa, local university namely Atma Jaya Yogyakarta Catholic University from APTIK partners, as for the international participants are from numerous countries such as USA, Sweden, India, Spain, Germany, Egypt, Japan, Cambodia, Ghana, Australia. The majority of International students are originated from the universities in partnership with the International Network of Universities ( INU ) as follows but not limited to; Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain, Hiroshima University, Japan, and European University Viadrina, Germany, Malmö University, and James Madison University.

Source: Translated and edited from www.unpar.ac.id