UNPAR Joined INHA University Summer School Program 2019 [July-August 2019]

INHA University of Incheon, Korea, routinely conducts INHA Summer School Program during the summer break. In 2019, the summer program was held from 21 July until 10 August.

This year, Parahyangan Catholic University (UNPAR) sent 10 students and 1 staff from the International Office to join the program.

This program is focused on foreign students who would like to immerse themselves in Korean culture along with new knowledge and experiences, as well as to gain credits for their studies.

As one of the most prestigious private universities in Korea, INHA keeps providing international opportunities for foreign students to enhance international experiences in Korean culture.

In the program, students could select their own courses (one common course and two elective courses) and it is allowed for students to transfer the credits to their own respective universities.

Moreover, students were given abundant exposures on Korean culture from numbers of field trips provided, including field trips to to ‘NANTA’ show and Lotte World, as well as Korean Culture Day.

UNPAR students received great hospitality from INHA, as well as getting helped by local students as their student buddy. Through splendid facilities, students were expected to collect as much experiences as they could during the program.