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James Madison University is a public coeducational research university located in 800 S Main St, Harrisonburg, VA 22807, United States.

This university has been ranked 6th  on Regional University (South) ranking list and 2nd rank on Top Public Schools in the South ranking list in United States.

James Madison University has welcomed total of 309 international students.

About JMU Information (http://www.jmu.edu/about/index.shtml)


Possible available programs for Unpar exchange students are:

  1. Accounting
  2. Architectural design
  3. Computer Information System, Computer Science
  4. Economics
  5. Engineering
  6. Management
  7. Mathematics
  8. Philosophy and religion
  9. Physics
  10. Public policy and administration.

JMU Programs Academics Information  (http://www.jmu.edu/academics/index.shtml)


Approximate Living Cost for Exchange Students:

  1. Insurance: $1,235
  2. Room and Board: $9,018 per year
  3. Books/Personal: $1,825
  4. Internet Fee: $60 paid once initially
  5. Orientation fee: $180 paid once initially

Living Cost Information



Application Admissions Requirement for International Students:

  1. Application, submitted online or by mail (download).
  2. Transcripts or statement of marks of all secondary and post-secondary education, translated into English. Transcripts must be complete. For applicants still enrolled the transcript or statement of marks must also include grades for the most recent term. The transcript must be an original copy certified by the sending institution.
  3. One letter of recommendation.
  4. Proof of English language proficiency for nonnative speakers.
  5. Financial certification form. This form must be completed by the student’s sponsor or financial guarantor and submitted with the requested documents.
  6. (Optional) Standardized test scores: Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or American College Testing Assessment (ACT).
  7. Copy of your passport from your home country.
  8. If applicable, copy of your current U.S. visa documents.
  9. $70 application fee.

International admissions Information (http://www.jmu.edu/admissions/apply/international.shtml)

Scholarship Information (http://www.jmu.edu/admissions/tuition-financial-aid-and-scholarships.shtml)




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