IO Cultural Day 2019 [18/10/2019]

On Friday, October 18th 2019, the IO Cultural Day 2019 was conducted by the International Office of Parahyangan Catholic University (IO Unpar). The event was attended by more than 20 international students for different programs including ACICIS, BIPA, Darmasiswa, and KNB. The students were actively involved in various cultural events such as learning and making Batik in Rumah Batik Komar, and attending the musical performance and workshop at Saung Angklung Udjo.

The day started with all of the students visiting Rumah Batik Komar, where they could learn Batik making from the experts, as well as gaining first-hand experience in making Batik with the assistance of professionals.  Students as the participants were handed out one sheet of cloth and may choose whichever stamp design they would use to create batik pattern on the cloth. After all finished and done, students continued the day moving on to the next destination, Saung Angklung Udjo. At the home of the famous Sundanese traditional instrument, every participants had the chance to participate in angklung workshop by professional performers as well as watching a traditional Sundanese performance emphasizing the harmonious sounds of angklung, as the day came to an end.