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“I really liked the activities that we did, especially the batik workshop. Besides that, it was so nice to meet students and facilitators from all around the world and I really appreciated the familiar feeling between everyone”

Vilma Nordstrom

ISC 2023 Participants , Malmo University

“Meeting and becoming friends with UNPAR and other students from around the world ! Learning about Indonesian culture and experiencing it with others for the first time was very eye opening and fun”

Shukrana Shukrullah

ISC 2023 Participants, James Madison University

“Loved the first day, where we had the two wonderful guest lectures, and also days 4 and 5 where we explored more places in Bandung and got to learn more about Indonesian culture, as well as places in Bandung that are truly unique and amazing. I loved each and every one of the cultural excursions!”

Casey Devin Brewer

ISC 2023 Participants, James Madison University

“Participating in the seminar is an unforgettable experience for me as I learned many new things and met new international people in the seminar. It is truly an amazing experience. In addition to that, representing UNPAR and being UNPAR Delegation has been an honor for me as I could show what UNPAR is like and what UNPAR students are like. I am forever grateful for the International Office of UNPAR for giving me the opportunity to represent UNPAR at the INU Seminar.”

Kelvin Bestly Aris

INU International Student Seminar 2023, Hiroshima University, Japan, International Relations 2020, UNPAR

“From the event to the people, everything from the International Student Seminar feels so special for me. Not only was the theme very interesting to discuss, but I also was surrounded by many people from different backgrounds and different perspectives to help me grow and learn more about the world. I learned a lot from joining the seminar in Hiroshima University, not only academically where I learned about the UN, climate change, and global efforts, but also non-academically such as cultures, soft skills, and adaptability.”

Nada Gavrila Wasisto

INU International Student Seminar 2023, Hiroshima University, Japan, International Relations 2020, UNPAR

“Being an Unpar delegation here in South Korea really changed my life. I can find as many networks as I want globally. Other than that, I learned so many things that can i only obtain while living abroad, such as getting out from my confort zone and being an independent person. I’’m sure this kind of soft skills are very prominent obtain, especially to prepare me for the future and also for academically  i can also learn courses that are in line with my interest. Thank you for giving me this opportunity and experience i’d really cherish of the moment that i have here.”

Agnes Milka Kurniawan

BUD 2023 Inha University, South Korea, International Relations 2019, UNPAR

I studied at Universitas Katolik Parahyangan under the Kemitraan Negara Berkembang (KNB) Scholarship. Studying in Universitas Katolik Parahyangan was a life changing decision for me. I spent 2 years in UNPAR from 2018 to 2020 to pursue a Master of Management. During my study, I got many valuable experiences and also met many helpful people in the university. UNPAR is one of the best choices to study in Bandung, Indonesia due to its quality and environment which can help you to develop more in terms of knowledge and connection.

Elisabet dos Santos Freitas

KNB Student, Timor Leste

The West Java Field Study helps me to become more fluent in Indonesian language and increase my independent research skills, which I think will help me to pursue a career in the government of Australia or an NGO in Indonesia. I have also joined the futsal club at UNPAR which has been a great experience. I have made so many new friends. Other than futsal, I enjoy travelling around Indonesia and Bandung, and visiting cafes in my spare time with friends. Bandung has so many great places to eat!

Ashleigh Cook

Flinders University, Australia

“Studying at UNPAR on a bilateral exchange was an amazing experience. I really enjoy my HI course and made lots of fabulous friends. The UNPAR community is so welcoming! I also fell in love with Bandung, which is such a beautiful vibrant city with amazing food. I will always treasure my time studying as well the invaluable culture experience UNPAR provided.”

Mabel Cudmore

Bilateral Program, University of Notre Dame, Australia

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