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Erasmus+ CBHE

Erasmus+ CBHE aims for capacity-building projects in the field of higher education transnational cooperation projects, based on multilateral partnerships, primarily between higher education institutions from EU Member states or countries associated to the Programme and third countries not associated to the Programme.

The aim of these projects is to support eligible third countries not associated to the Programme to modernise, internationalise and increase access to higher education, address the challenges facing their higher education institutions and systems, increase cooperation with the EU, voluntarily converge with EU development in higher education, and promote people to people contacts, intercultural awareness, and understanding.

In this past five years, UNPAR has participated in three Erasmus+ CBHE projects which are focused in the field of Introducing Social Entrepreneurship in Indonesian Higher Education (INSPIRE), Southeast Asia B2B Sales Competition (SEASAC), and Resolving Societal Science: Interdiciplinary Approach toward Fostering Collaboration Innovation in Food Waste Management (IN2FOOD).




INterdisciplinary Approach Towards Fostering Collaborative INnovation in FOOD Waste Management

Erasmus+ IN2FOOD (2021-2024)

We are living in a rapidly changing world which brings new challenges to our society. The world now is facing complex societal challenges that need a collective response, which requires people to break down their silos and start to collaborate across disciplines. Food waste is one of the key societal challenges in Indonesia, the fourth largest populous country and the second largest food waster in the world. One intervention to resolve this societal challenge is through collaboration across disciplines by implementing an interdisciplinary approach to foster collaborative innovation in food waste management.

This capacity building project, IN2FOOD, is driven by a wide national concern on food waste and a need of interdisciplinary in higher education curriculum in Indonesia. Through this project, we aim to modernize the curriculum in 5 higher education institutions in Indonesia to deal with food waste management as a societal challenge in Indonesia and implement an interdisciplinary approach to foster collaborative innovation.

Project Period: 15 January 2021 – 14 January 2024

Our Members
Coordinator : UNPAR (Parahyangan Catholic University)
Indonesia : BINUS, Prasmul, UPJ, Machung
Europe : Ghent University, Hotelschool The Hague, Tampere Finland.

Contact Person
Johanna Renny Octavia (

South-East Asian Sales Competition

logo seasac use.png

Erasmus+ SEASAC (2018)

The main aim of the SEASAC project is to strengthen South-East Asian Universities’ capability to provide highly skilled B2B Sales professionals for the emerging international markets. In the project, we utilise existing European knowledge and experiences in developing a pedagogically rich concept for the cooperation of universities and companies within the sphere of sales education. Best practices from Europe will be matched with Asian sales cultures.

A concrete tangible output is the South-East Asian Sales Competition concept, consisting of International B2B Sales Course and South-East Asian Sales Competition Finals event.

Key milestones can be found here. This is a new way of engaging companies to university level ‘sales education’ in its all phases: planning, implementation and assessment of students’ performance. In addition to core partner countries the concept will attract Universities from other South-East Asian countries.

Our Members
Coordinator : Turku University of Applied Science
South East Asia : UNPAR, BINUS, Rangsit Universities + SEAMEO, SEAMOLEC
Europe : Turku Finland, Napier Scotland, Haaga Helia Finland, Wiener Neustadt Austria

Contact Person
Banowati Talim (

Introducing Social Entrepreneurship in Indonesian Higher Education

Erasmus+ INSPIRE (2017)

The project’s aim is to promote the entrepreneurial mindset and innovation in partner country higher education institutions (HEIs) by strengthening the University-Business cooperation for better employability of social entrepreneurs and for increasing their relevance for the labour market and the society.

Our Members
Coordinator : FH Joanneum
Indonesia : USU, UNAND, UNUD, UNPAR (Bank Jabar and Cimahi Municipality)
Europe : FH Joanneum Austria, Alicante Spanyol, Krakow University of Economic Poland.

Contact Person
Ratih Indraswari (