Immersion Program

Immersion Program is a two weeks intensive course that combines academic activities, community services and cultural days together. The program is aimed to bring a comprehensive experience to foreign student during their brief study time in Parahyangan Catholic University. Students will have the opportunity for academic enhancements through seminar and workshop led by UNPAR experts on each field therefore ensuring the delivery of a multidisciplinary approach to a selected theme. Aside from in-class activities, students of the programme will also be given practical opportunities through a field study and a live-in community services session. The field study program allows students to analyze and reflecting a discussed issue based on direct observation. Meanwhile the live-in community service takes the study process further by integrating foreign students to the community by a live-in program. Both of the programmes are designed to create an environment where students are able to provide solution that answer directly to the existing challenges. Additionaly, students also have the possibility to know and experience Sundanese culture. A short trip to important cultural site, art and landmark will be included to immersed them on the Bandung society value and historical milieu.