Be UNPAR’s Delegation !

In our effort to internationalize UNPAR and provide our students with international opportunities, the Office for International Affairs and Cooperation (OIAC) is inviting you to Be UNPAR’s Delegation!

Be UNPAR’s Delegation is an integrated recruitment program for UNPAR students to take part in international activities abroad. The students will have the opportunity to experience international exposure through a wide-range of programs provided by UNPAR partner universities. As BUDes, students will represent UNPAR internationally, make new friends, build their networks, and expand their insights across cultural backgrounds.

The BUD program is divided into three subcategories: Student Exchange (SE), Study Abroad (SA), and Short Program (SP).

For the Fall Semester, the application is dued on February 25. Meanwhile for the Spring Semester, the application is dued on August 30. There is no specific due date for Short Programs.