Unpar Welcomed Delegates from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies [7/10/2019]

Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) welcomed the delegates from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, China during their visit to Bandung, Indonesia on Thursday, October 3rd, at the medium meeting room, 2nd floor Unpar Rectorate Building.

Four delegates representing Guangdong University of Foreign Studies; Zuo Zhigang Director, Center of Indonesian Studies; Xiao Lixian Head of Department of Indonesian Language and Literature, and two other lecturers. There was one representative from Maranatha Christian University, Indonesia Dr. Sugiri Kustedja, Ir., MT also attended the meeting.

Unpar representatives attended the visit were Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Tri Basuki Joewono, Ph.D.; Dean, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Dr. Pius Sugeng Prasetyo; Unpar Lecturer Dr. Aknolt Kristian Pakpahan, Head of Parahyangan Centre for International Studies Elisabeth A.S. Dewi, Ph.D., and International Office Staffs.

The visit includes introduction of each university, short meeting discussing about the possibilities of cooperation, and Unpar campus tour. 

The discussion aims to address the possibilities of future academic cooperation such as exchange programs, research, internship, etc. The two are looking forward for the collaboration in the field of student exchange program focused on business area and research in social and political studies.