Test International English Competency (TIEC)

Trial Test at Unpar 2011

Global Educational Services offers Parahyangan Catholic University to become the TIEC Center in Bandung. It is an independent institution commited to providing a recognized English test. It having headquarters in Cambridgeshire, England. The test guarantee of a distinguished English test that is realistic, integrated, and affordable.

UNPAR conducted a trial for the TIEC as a comparison with other English language test. It was held in the Main Building, 4th floor, in the Operation Room. The trial test were free, and addresed for the students and staff (lecturers) who are interested in TIEC Test. This test started from 10.00 am till 01.00 am. The TIEC test consisted of listening test, reading test, writing test, and oral test (interview).  If then students want to request the certificate of TIEC, they must pay 100.000 rupiahs. For more information about TIEC and certified TIEC, please contact:

Address: Global Educational Services, Indonesia

Telephone: 62.21.5835 9042

Sms: 62.813.8969 7800

Email: tiec.indonesia@yahoo.com