Learning Sundanese Cultures


UNPAR has a vision to develop local potential, included Sundanese Culture. As a university which is located in the region, UNPAR honourly obliged to share and promote these wonderful and precious local values to the world.


This program is designed for duration of 4 weeks (from the third week of June – the third week of July) with this general picture:

Week 1

In first week , participants will follow orientation about Sundanese Nature. The orientation will be conducted in class discussion and natural training which makes participants will be able to experience natural environment in Sunda Land.

Week 2

Participants will be introduced to the art of music and dance in Sunda Land. Moreover, participants will also recognize the typical of Sundanese community by class lecturing.

Week 3

In third week, participants will learn about spiritual aspect of humanity, by focusing on the religions in Indonesia. There is also some kind of excursion which will be arranged in two days. The excursion will take place in several places, such as Ciater, Tangkuban Perahu, Taman Hutan Raya Juanda, etc.

Week 4

In fourth week, participants will follow activities that acquaint Batik, Sundanese community. Participants can experience the batik workshop excursion, lecturing of Sundanese culture and also Social and Cultural Training.


This program will cost you USD 1000 (include accomodation for four weeks). Meal and other expenses are not provided.


Registration will be opened at December, 1st.

Send your application to io.unpar.ac.id and attach these requested documents:

  1. Application letter (please ask for this application letter by sending an email to io.unpar.ac.id)
  2. Motipation letter
  3. Two recomendation letters
  4. Support letter from your university’s international office

Application must be submitted before 30 of March!

[message type=”information”]The minimum enrollment for this program is 10 persons[/message]