Social Entrepreunership Boot Camp

(live-in social enterprises short programme)

The Social Entrepreneurship Boot Camp is a tailor-made program created by UNPAR to give opportunity for International Students, especially ACICIS students to gain valuable experience working in the field of social development in Indonesia, while immersing to the Indonesian culture and customs. Through this program, the participants are expected to have the ability to create models of social enterprises that can be used to eradicate social problems in Indonesia. Finally, the outcome of this program is for the participants to have a broader view to capture social problems emerging in their own hometown and that they can provide solutions to solve the problem by utilizing entrepreneurial approach.

The structure of the 2-weeks program involves entrepreneurship classes at UNPAR, designed to give participants the basic social entrepreneurship capacity; seminars, workshops, and field trips to several communities led by experts on social entrepreneurship, designed to give participants direct involvement with the society and direct practice in capturing social problems; and supervised tutorials of social entrepreneurship model design and testing, designed to give participants experience in creating social business model and testing their idea in the communities.

Investment fee for all participants is 1500 USD, covering shared-accommodation, daily meals, classes/seminars/workshops, field trips, final week tutorials, and welcoming/closing dinner reception.