The Signing of Memorandum of Understanding between UNPAR and The Government of West Tulang Bawang District

On Wednesday (21/11/18) at Parahyangan Catholic University’s (UNPAR) rectorate building, the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between UNPAR and the Government of West Tulang Bawang district, Lampung, had commenced. In this opportunity, the MoU was signed by Mangadar Situmorang Ph.D, the rector of UNPAR, and Umar Ahmad S.P, the regent of West Tulang Bawang district.

Not only by the secretariats of the West Tulang Bawang district, Dr. Budi Husodo Bisowarno (The Vice Rector of Research, Community Service, and Cooperation), Dr. Orpha Jane (The Vice Rector of Resource and Organization), Dr. Yohanes Basuki Dwisusanto (The Dean of UNPAR’s Faculty of Engineering), as well as Dr. Y. Karyadi Kusliansjah (The Head of Centre for Adaptation and Environmental Design Resilience Studies (CAREDs)) also attended the ceremony.

Mangadar Situmorang gave a warm welcome and hoped that this agreement with UNPAR (including CAREDs) could last for a long time and being implemented properly. He stated that “This is an opportunity for us lecturers to learn. Not only to give back to the community but also as a lesson both for us and our students.”

Umar Ahmad S.P mentioned that he invited UNPAR to work hand in hand with West Tulang Bawang district to serve the country since UNPAR has abundant human resources. Moreover, he also hoped that through UNPAR’s assistance, West Tulang Bawang district could grow and develop even more.

The event was closed with UNPAR handing out a token of appreciation for West Tulang Bawang district. Hopefully, this cooperation could strengthen and give the best outcome for both sides.