Visa Information

International Students (Degree level & Exchange level) that study in Indonesia must have :

  1. Study Permit [from Indonesia Higher Education Institution]
  2. Student Visa [Telex Visa & Student Visa]
  3. Domicile Letter
  4. Police Report
  5. Limited Stay Permit / Temporary Residence Permit [from Indonesia Immigration]
  6. Temporary Indonesia ID [from Indonesia Population & Civil Registration Agency]
  7. Indonesia Driver License [if want to ride personal transportation]



According Indonesian Higher Education Institution Department, for foreigner who want to study in Indonesia must have Study Permit. Study permit is compulsory for Degree level and Student Exchange program. Also one of compulsory document for almost all International Student permit application. Time for process Study Permit application 1 – 2 months depend on time peak of Indonesia academic calendar. Study Permit have several period; 3 months / 6 months / 12 months / 24 months and it can be extended depend on length of study of the program.



Telex Visa is approval letter for foreigner to apply Student Visa in Indonesian Embassy in each home country. For student, Telex Visa can only be apply by host university. International Student can not apply Student Visa without copy of Telex Visa. Telex Visa have limited validation for 2 months from date of issued. Pass the validation time, Telex Visa cannot be use and home university must apply new Telex Visa. Therefore, we advice for International Student to apply Student Visa after received copy of Telex Visa and not before. Please note that Telex Visa can only be use at 1 (one) Indonesian Embassy and the country location is based on where International Student will apply their Student Visa (it doesn’t have to home country).



According Indonesian Higher Education Institution Department, for those foreigner who want to study in Indonesia must have or use Student Visa. The definition of Student Visa is visa for entering Indonesia territory with status of a student but not for stay in Indonesia for study. If using Student Visa, International Student must apply for apply Limited Stay Permit / Temporary Residence Permit to local immigration in less than 30 days. And it count as first day when International Student arrived in Indonesia Airport. More than 30 days, it will be count as “overstay” and International Student must pay overstay fee.



Domicile Letter is letter that show confirmation of your temporary location or address where you stay during your study in Indonesia. And Domicile Letter is one of compulsory document for apply Limited Stay Permit / Temporary Residence Permit. The process of Domicile Letter are quite challenge due to 4 level of government administration process to finally get the letter. Local student / Student Buddy will be needed in order to help with the process.



International Student must report their arrival or presence to local police station in 1 x 24 hours – 7 x 24 hours. The report can be done by student itself or by host university. Each year police report must be renewal due to one of compulsory document for extending Study Permit.



The Indonesia official name for this permit is “ITAS / Ijin Tinggal Terbatas”. This permit is proof for foreigner that they can stay Indonesia for 6 months or 12 months or 24 months depend on host university apply for Student Visa. The permit validation is count from the first day student arrived in Indonesia airport. Therefore, we advise for student who apply for Student Exchange Program to arrived at least 1 -2 weeks before semester / class start.



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