Our Beautiful Trip With International Students of UNPAR

As part of Office for International Affairs and Cooperation, on 05 – 06 April 2014 we bring our International Students of UNPAR to learn about West Java culture and our destination is Kampoeng Wisata Cinangneng, Bogor.

Before we start our story, let us introduce what is Kampoeng Wisata Cinangneng.

Kampoeng Wisata Cinangneng

Located in the village of Cihideung Udik – Ciampea, Bogor. This village offer opportunities for exploring, chance to discover, and learn about the Sundanese culture and its society being the people from the village. In that village we can:

  • Learn to play Angklung
  • Sing a Sundanese song
  • Learn to plant rice
  • Learn Sundanese dance
  • Learn to make traditional cookies “bugis”
  • Lear to make traditional drink “wedang jahe”
  • Learn to make a puppet from casava leaves
  • Painting a farmer hat
  • Crossing a river & washing a buffalo
  • Tour Kampoeng (visit some home industries)
So, in Kampoeng Wisata Cinangneng, we can enjoy our holiday and experience unforgetable moments.


Now, this is our story. We start our journey from UNPAR campus and arrived at noon. After we rest, all of us was split in to 2 group and each group learn how to play gamelan, dance jaipong, make puppet, painting farmer hat, and make traditional cookies & drink.

After dinner, we learn how to play angklung and sing Sundanese song. With the help of kendang player, we enjoy our night with full of laugh and karaoke (makes you wonder what song we sing, right??

The next morning, we start our Tour Kampoeng, we walk visiting some home industries, rice field, learn some traditional plant that been use by village for medicine. While we walk, villagers are very kindly and greeting us with their smile, especially the children.

And as final destination of our tour, the river and next to it, wet rice field. What we do there, DIRTY TIME…!!!!

To bad we can not cross the river because heavy rain last night.

Last but not least, since Bogor is quite hot, some of student decided to take swim at pool before we prepare for going home.

After lunch, all of us saying goodbye to the villagers and staff of Kampoeng Wisata Cinangneng. We return home with smile and beautiful memories. For all International Students, we see you again on our next trip…..