Online Sharing Session: Wide Spectrum of Study and Scholarship Opportunities in Taiwan

There are so many countries you can go to when you want to pursue your study for a Master or Doctoral degree. One of the countries that is usually chosen by Indonesians to continue their study is Taiwan. According to the QS Ranking, 12 universities in Taiwan are ranked as the top universities in Asia. There are many benefits when one chooses to continue their education in Taiwan, namely:

  1. A close geographical proximity with Indonesia
  2. More affordable education yet with similar quality as the United States and/or European education
  3. Research facilities with international standard
  4. Affordable living cost which is similar to Jakarta (6,000NTD ~ Rp3,000,000)
  5. Taiwanese’s familiarity with English
  6. Wide opportunities of job
  7. Learn Mandarin for free
  8. High democratic and tolerance value on differences
  9. And many more benefits that one can obtain once they arrive in Taiwan!

Currently, Taiwan has also been considered as one of the very few successful countries in handling the Covid-19 pandemic. The key to their success is the collaboration between the government, hospitals, research institutes, universities, and the citizens assisted with the existence of adequate resources as well.

In this online sharing session that was brought by the Taiwan Education Center (TEC), a more specific guide on how to prepare students to study in Taiwan was explained.

Other than that, TEC also delivered the opportunities of scholarship one may obtain for their study in Taiwan. The scholarships are ranging from tuition waiver, partial, to full scholarship. The amount of scholarship granted also varies up to 40,000NTD (~Rp19,000,000) per month. The more prestigious the scholarship, the greater the competitiveness. The online sharing session is then closed with a question and answer session.

By the end of the session, participants that are ranging from students to lecturers were satisfied as they were given plenty of information which will be helpful for them if they wish to pursue their study in Taiwan.

We hope to see you in another session!