IO Unpar Welcomes Ghent University’s Visit [21/05/2019]

The Office for International Affairs Parahyangan Catholic University (IO Unpar) welcomed the visit from the representatives of Ghent University, Belgium, on Monday (May, 20). The visit was then continued with informal meeting at Rectorate Building.

Attended at the meeting namely Ratih Indraswari S.IP, MA (Head of Cooperation at IO), Dr. Peter Conradie (Senior researcher at Ghent University), Dr. Johanna Renny Octavia (Senior researcher at Ghent University), and IO staff.

The 2nd informal meeting with the lecturers at Department of Engineering (May, 21)

Both sides had talked about the future cooperations plan between Unpar Department of Engineering and Ghent University on several things related to student exchange programs (undergraduate, graduate) as well as  research program for academic staffs.