INVENT ( International Volunteering for Better Inclusivity) 2018


International Volunteering for Better Inclusivity (INVENT) program was a consortium program between Widya Mandala Catholic University, University of Indonesia and Catholic Parahyangan University. This short program come with theme of ‘Community Engagement : Peace and Justice’. Where the participants are not only from Indonesia, but also from Malaysia ( University Malaya), and India (The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and Manipal Academy of Higher Education). During this program, the participant will not only study, but also building awareness of the existence of marginal communities and contributing trough in community social activities in urban and rural areas. With total 25 student as a participants, where 13 of them were foreign students and the other 12 were Indonesian students.

This program was started from July 3rd – July 13th. The program itself were divided into different main activity in different area. For example while in Bandung all participant conduct live-in at Cireundeu Village. Cireundeu village located in South Cimahi District, Cimahi City, West Java. The distinctive feature of this traditional village is that its principal food is not rice cassava like Indonesian people in general. And the next activity was held in Jakarta, precisely at Johar Baru. All participant were given time to observe the environmental around them and do a research to provide a recommendation for solution to any environmental issues or social issues that exist.