International Student Conference on Global Citizenship 2018 “Climate Change: A Global Warning” [21/01/2018]

On January 14 to 21 2018, the International Student Conference (ISC) on Global Citizenship 2018 was held with the topic of “Climate Change: A Global Warning”. This program was created to provide very intense international exposure for UNPAR students and gave them the opportunity to study and discuss with students from other foreign countries. Students also have the chance to promote Indonesian culture to foreigners whilst also learning their culture.  As a higher education institution, UNPAR is responsible for increasing the awareness of students about their part as a global citizen and that is exactly the purpose of ISC. this year ISC talks about one of the biggest problem of our age, climate change. Climate change has a very devastating impact to countries all over the world affecting various aspects of our life.


During the 7 day event, student were entertained to two key lectures, a series of six workshop, and two short courses. the key lecturers for ISC are Yulius Purwadi Hermawan from UNPAR and Steven B. Rothman from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. the six workshops are facilitated by James Madison University (Jeffrey Tang), Malmö University (Göran Ewald), Parahyangan Catholic University (Ida Susanti), Parahyangan Catholic University (Fiona Ekaristi Putri), Independent Commissioner of Nusantara Infrastructure Tbk. (David E. Parry) and Udayana University (Agung Suryawan Wiranatha). The lectures and workshops are given to the students so that they are able to understand the scope and context of the threats from climate change. The students also have a chance to conduct a coral reef monitoring activity in Amed beach area, East Bali where they see first-hand how climate change affects the coral formation in Bali.


After that the students are divided into several groups and was given task to design a poster according to the topic that was given to them. They have to deliver a presentation at a plenary session about the main messages of their poster, their expected social impact and how could the poster change the behavior of the targeted audiences. Then, they need to nominate three best posters to be presented to the plenary session. After the formal session ended, they are welcomed to a cultural day in Bali by watching Balinese traditional dances performed at Tirta Gangga Royal Water Garden and visited Ulundanu temple – located in Lake Beratan area, which is one of the most important temples in Bali. The committees also prepared several Balinese culture workshops according to the interest of each participants which are Balinese painting, Balinese dancing and Balinese canang (offerings crafting). The participants could choose one of those activities and learned them for 2-hour duration. Finally, at closing ceremony of the event each participants need to present cultures from their own country and everybody was having fun because there are lots of traditional singing and dancing. This year’s ISC has been a huge success because it draws a lot of interest and attention from foreign students as well as Unpar students. We hope that next year ISC will be even better than the one we organized this year.

See you in ISC 2019!