International Seminar on Internationalization, Innovation, and Sustainable Development

One of Parahyangan Catholic University’s representative has participated in “International Seminar on Internationalization, Innovation, and Sustainable Development” held by Erasmus+ and hosted by Lille Catholic University, France, from 19th to 23rd March. There are 40 participants from 15 different countries gathered in Lille. During 5-day seminar, participants mainly discuss respective university’s internationalization, sustainable development, and presentations of Intercultural Communication best practices. Luckily UNPAR along with Sophia University (Japan) and Tbilisi State University (Georgia) were given the opportunity to present on how respective universities introduce the culture, habit, and local language for incoming foreign students. This was the most engaging session because audiences were very interactive and there were many examples of local cultural practices that were shared as it is the presenter’s based practice in their home universities. There was also sharing sessions by visiting Lille Catholic University faculties and classes concerning innovation and sustainable development, that has been done in their university. Additionally, all participants attended workshops and conferences from different university project such as Adimaker Project, Hemisf4ire Project, Live tree project, and student festival about limiting food waste.