International Relations UNPAR Excursion Study – A Crush with Fremantle (10/8/2017)

I was one of the lucky thirteen that got to join IR UNPAR Excursion Study this year from 2-9 July in Fremantle, Western Australia. At first, it may not seem much for some people. Knowing that we will only visit one “not so famous” part of Australia and hearing lectures in class drove people away from this program.

But thank God I ended up as a participant! Fremantle is a very fine and beautiful small city, brimming with old historic building, sea breeze, and lovely people. University of Notre Dame Australia (UNDA), our host university, gave us an excellent hospitality and fascinating lectures. Our group filled with lively people despite of different batches and our professional yet fun supervisor complimented this journey.

During this program, we gain so much knowledge regarding Australia’s perspective towards both their international and domestic problems, such as their stance in environmental and human rights issues, their foreign policy, Australia-Indonesia relation, down to their indigenous community, and also Australia’s system of government along with their close relationships with US and UK. All this knowledge was later enhanced by relevant sites visit to museums and Western Australia’s Parliament. As for the fun parts, we visited Rottnest Island to take selfies with Quokkas and enjoy the magical view of Indian Ocean. We also tried Australians sports and having a great time with the local students. The market and the ice-skating on weekend was also amazing!

It’s a very wonderful journey to be part of. It’s an irreplaceable international exposure experience. I seriously consider to join this program again next year. And like me and my fellow participants having a crush with Fremantle, I’m excited to feel the same next year.


Courtesy by: Esy G.