Indonesia-Britain Education Centre (IBEC) Visit Day

Mini Britain education fair combined with also-mini workshop on research proposal, why not? Brought by the idea to provide both students’ and lecturers’ information on higher education and also enhance their knowledge on structuring a research proposal, The Office for International Affairs and Cooperation Parahyangan Catholic University (KIK UNPAR) held a mini education fair and workshop for the public. Starting the education fair and workshop, a faculty meeting was also held.

Faculty meeting

This event was held on February 10, 2020, located at the Audio Visual Room Building 3, targeting students and lecturers. Indonesia-Britain Education Centre (IBEC) was the facilitator of the event. With the aim to provide guidance and information for candidate students who are going to continue their study at Britain, IBEC has been an official representative of Britain universities since 1998.

Through this event, students are wished to find more opportunities for their future and also obtain a useful knowledge of structuring research proposals especially for Master students and PhD candidates.

Dozens of enthusiastic participants came and enliven the event. Katy Friend, the International Officer for University of Birmingham, was the key presenter and she also shared her tips and tricks on structuring the research proposal.

Meanwhile, the mini education fair brought around 18 universities from Britain to UNPAR, to provide information on scholarship for Bachelor and Master education, fellowship on research, and other education-related information. By the end of the education fair and workshop, participants were left with plenty of handy and helpful information which hopefully may help them in the future.

Mini education fair brought around 18 universities from Britain to UNPAR