The First Intercultural Learning and Global Engagement (ILGE)

The first Intercultural Learning and Global Engagement (ILGE) was held at Unpar on 22 – 23 March, 2019. ILGE is a program created by International Network Universities (INU) that aims to establish a working group with focus on sharing best practices, institutional capacity building through training, and creating a repository of resources in the area of intercultural learning through global engagement.

There were 40 participants that joined ILGE from INU member universities, Unpar, KUI Bandung, and some other universities all across Indonesia.

There were six speakers from INU member universities that taught participants about intercultural learning and global engagement. On the first day, participants were taught about intercultural learning and internationalization from several trainings. On the second day, there were workshops about intercultural teaching and counseling competencies and method for teaching intercultural competence that was presented by Gwenn Hiller & Stefanie Vogler-Lipp from European University Viadrina. Other than that, there was poster presentation with gallery walk method. In this gallery walk, participants were introducing their home university internationalisation programs.

The event was closed with participants and speakers survey about the program and a group photo. Hopefully, through this event the staffs and speakers received insights about intercultural learning and global engagement which give positive impact to the internationalisation at their home institution.

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