Guest Lecture by Patrick O’Riordan. Entrepreneurhsip – Building Home Grown Companies. Commercial Councellor, Enterprise-Ireland. Embassy Of Ireland

On 12th April 2011 Patrick O’ Riordan delivered a guest lecturer in “Entrepreneurship – Building Home Grown Companies. He is Commercial Counselor for the area  Singapore, Indonesia & the Philippines, of the Enterprise-Ireland, Embassy of Ireland, Singapore.

He delivered the presentation about enterprises in Ireland. Â He explained the partners of Enterprise Ireland, such as with entrepreneurs, Irish businesses, the research system and the investment community to build strengths in innovation, leadership and competitiveness. And the ultimate objective is increased exports, employment and prosperity in Ireland.

The lecture was attended by students of Economics and Business Administration Study Program. His presentation begin with the video clip as an introduction, and then he describe about who they are- what they do – their Clients, Indigenous Irish Exporters, Global GDP trends, Indigenous Export trends, and Their Global Office network.

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