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  • Ewha was founded by a Methodist missionary called Mary F. Scranton in 1886. Their intention to emphasize each student made them not use the plural word “women”, but the singular word “woman.” “Womans” is all the individual student of Ewha gathered together for women’s rights, and it represents the university’s foundation with just one student. It further symbolizes its high respect for the individuality of her wonderful women.
  • Ewha Ranked 5th Among Korean Universities from Asian University Evaluation.
  • Enrollment, April 2014:
A. College (Currently enrolled students / Students on leave) 16,166 / 2,457
B. Graduate (Currently enrolled students / Students on leave) 6,102 / 786


Course Offerings:

Ewha offers more than 500 courses in English each semester in diverse areas of disciplines such as Art History, Business, Ceramics, Computer Science, East Asian Studies, Economics, International Studies, Korean Studies, Media Studies, Nano Biology, North Korean Studies, Politics, Psychology, Sociology, Women’s Studies and various language and literature. Students also can choose to take Korean Language course and Ewha Global Online (EGO) coures.

Possible available programs for UNPAR exchange students are:

Social Sciences

  • Political Science and International Relations

The Department of Political Science & Diplomacy focuses on the study of expert political science knowledge based on social scientific approaches. It offers all the basic political science courses such as political philosophy, comparative politics, international politics, and Korean politics.

  • Economics

Economics is closely related with the structures of modern society. Also, the trends of modern society is greatly influenced by economic relationships. Therefore, the general public need a considerable amount of basic knowledge of economic phenomena. Furthermore, as the expanded economy has created more opportunities for women and require their participation in economic policy-making, economics may have significance as a tool for meeting such goals.


Business Administration

The College of Business Administration not only offers core lectures according to each major, but is also developing interdisciplinary courses and programs between the departments of Business Administration and International Office Management.


International Exchange Students:

The schedule

Spring Semester March ~ Mid June
Fall Semester September ~ Mid December
Ewha International Co-Ed Summer College End of June ~ End of July (4 weeks)
Mid August ~ End of August (2 weeks)


International Programs:

  • Exchange & Visiting Program
    Ewha offers a coeducational international program and welcomes all students, both male and female, to study for one or two semesters as a non-degree seeking exchange or visiting student. This program is open to both undergraduate and graduate students enrolled as full-time students in any accredited institution of higher education. There is no language requirement, but all applicants are required to have a GPA of over 2.5/4.0. Exchange students are those nominated by partner institutions which have formal exchange agreements with Ewha. Visiting students are those from any accredited 4-year institution of higher education, coming to study at Ewha on a fee-paying basis. Visiting students are able to apply individually to Ewha through the OIA by submitting the on-line application along with the required documents.
  • Ewha International Co-Ed Summer College (Ewha ISC)
    The Ewha International Co-ed Summer College is Korea’s oldest international Co-ed summer program. Ewha ISC brings together an incredibly diverse group of students to experience the best of Korea through academic study and cultural immersion. With unrivaled academic excellence and an international student body, Ewha is the place to experience authentic Korean university life. Well-known for its strong academic programs, Ewha ISC offers courses providing core knowledge in Korean Studies, Women’s Studies, International Studies, Fine Arts, Business and Economics, Humanities, and more. Courses are taught by leading faculty from Ewha and top universities abroad, and during the program students participate in a variety of hands-on field trips that complement their learning, all while experiencing the exciting student life on campus and in Shinchon, Korea’s most vibrant student neighborhood.

Degree-Seeking International Students 
Please refer to http://oia.ewha.ac.kr for admission guidelines.

  • Dormitory

Dormitory Ehwa


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