Evaluation Meeting of DIES Training Course on Management of Internationalisation

The Evaluation Meeting of DIES Training Course was held at Parahyangan Catholic University on 14-16 May 2019. The purpose of this evaluation meeting is to evaluate the first meeting that was held at Universitas Indonesia (UI). (for more information about the first DIES meeting, you can click here).

This meeting was attended by the Head of Cooperation of Unpar’s International Office Ratih Indraswari S.IP, MA, Coordinator for International Mobility of Indonesia University (UI) Alfrida Esther Madame Hutapea, and Head of International Office from other universities which are Erlyn Erawan, Psy.D. from Widya Mandala University, Ida Puspita SS, M.ARes. from Ahmad Dahlan University, and Dr. Muzailin Affan from Syiah Kuala University.

On the second day, the meeting continues at Unpar and then the meeting members when to Bandung Technological Institute (ITB) to meet the Director of Partnership and International Relations of ITB, Dr. Ir. Edwan Kardena.

After this evaluation meeting, the second DIES training course will hold at Ahmad Dahlan University on November 2019.