Cultural Day 2019

On March 29, 2019 Unpar Exchange students from ACICIS dan bilateral partners were introduced to Indonesian culture on Cultural Day. Cultural Day is an annual event held by International Office Unpar to familiarize International students to Indonesian culture. In this year’s Cultural Day, we invite exchange students to make batik at Batik Komar, Cigadung and watch Wayang and Angklung performance at Saung Anglung Udjo. Through this program, we hope international students can learn more and experience directly the beauty of Indonesian culture.

The International students were happy when they make batik and playing Angklung. “I really like the batik workshop because I really like the style of clothing… And it was really cool to see how the patterns were made and then how the clothing was made. It gives me a better appreciation on how long it (the process) takes… And then it was really fun of making it,” stated Gavin, one of the ACICIS student when interviewed by Unpar publication team.

Beside making batik and playing Angklung, they also watch Wayang performance and dance together with kids from Saung Angklung Udjo.