Coventry University – Visit and Info Session (17/10/2017)

On Tuesday, 17 October 2017 Parahyangan Catholic University welcomed the visit coming from Coventry University at the Meeting Room at 2nd floor Rectorate Building. Christian Sutisna as the Southeast Asia International Officer and Felicia from IDP Education were elaborating education system in the UK as well as the living cost and brief explanation about the campus life in Coventry University.

Students from different majors came to this session, ranging from Civil Engineering to International Relations. The session was held interactively and informally, therefore students feel more comfortable and enthusiast to ask regarding the opportunity on study abroad at UK.

According to Christian explanation there are two types of university in UK, traditional and modern. Oxford University, Glasgow University, Cambridge University and Leeds University are several notable example of traditional university which characterized with castle and old building as the place to study and mainly focus on research. He said that traditional university is suitable for those who want to pursue a master or doctoral degree, especially with an aim to dipping in research and academic field.

Slightly different with traditional type, modern university mainly focus on the practical skills rather than theories and concepts. Coventry University is one of the modern universities in UK which founded 47 years ago. In Coventry University, academically consists of 70% practical skills and 30% theories and concepts. The modern type university like Coventry University also equipped with sophisticated facilities which is supporting the academic activities of the students and lecturers.

“Traditional university correlated much with academic field, while we as the modern university prepare our students for industrial management or work field. It is possible for our students to generate their own business or working on multinational company,” said Christian on the session. There are a lot of interesting major that Coventry University offers for you such as Cyber Security, Mental Health Nursing, and even Automotive and Transport Design.