Circular Letter: Rector of Parahyangan Catholic University

Number: 3/R/2020-03/585

In Efforts to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 Infection in Parahyangan Catholic University

Responding to the recent development of COVID-19, Parahyangan Catholic University (UNPAR) is taking the following steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 Infection:

  1. CANCELLING all face-to-face academic activities until the end of the current Semester.
  2. CANCELLING all other face-to-face activities, including those involving indiviuals from outside UNPAR, scheduled from the 16th – 28th March 2020.
  3. Academic, examination and other activities will be conducted online.
  4. Mid examinations for the current Semester will be postponed to 23rd – 28th March 2020. Lecturers are asked to prepare take home exam, structured assignments or other forms of examination during 16th – 21st March 2020.
  5. Lecturers will prepare learning material to be used online using IDE, . For technical assistance, please contact Lembaga Pengembangan Pembelajaran dan Karier (LPPK).
  6. Leaders, lecturers, and staff will continue with their activities in UNPAR’s campuses, while prioritizing their individual health.
  7. UNPAR will restrict access to campuses area and monitor body temperature on anyone who wish to enter the area.
  8. All staff are not allowed to make official domestic or overseas trips.
  9. All staff is expected to take care of their health. Those who have symptoms of flu, cough, fever and/or stated sick by a doctor, shoul stay at home. Staff and/or family member who has just come back from a high risk area or has interacted with an individual infected with COVID-19 is asked to conduct self-isolation.
  10. Call and Report Center: 08112141955.

We encourage all stakeholders to obtain information related to COVID-19 through trusted sources. UNPAR will continue to monitor the development and will issue other circular letters in accordance to the latest developments.

Bandung, 15 March 2020


Mangadar Situmorang,Ph.D

A copy of this circular letter can be accessed here