Catholic University of Daegu



Catholic University of Daegu or known as CU is the largest Catholic University in Korea. It has about 17,000 students. CU is founded on the principles of Christianity and defines itself and all its programs through this Christ-centered spirit. Now, it moves into the 21st century with that same spirit and a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

CU plans to establish education centers abroad to fulfill its goals on globalization. Throughout the long history of CU, the university has provided students with a dedicated, energetic faculty and quality programs. The highest priority for the CU faculty is to continually improve the teaching and learning process. The faculty members are active in academic and scientific research and publication, community service and campus life.

While our name represents the tenants of Catholicism, we welcome people of all cultures and creeds to CU. with a promise to serve, with best efforts, those who desire to seek educational truth with sincerity.



Spring Semester 2017

December 15th, 2016

Fall Semester 2017

June 15th,2017

* Application material should be arrive by the deadline



Students who intend to take the courses conducted in Korean need to have a minimum level 2 in TOPIK (Test Of Proficiency In Korean)* or the other equivalent Korean skills.

For students who are interested in Korean Culture and Language but can’t understand Korean well; our English major classes are taught in both Korean and English only for those who can’t understand Korean well.



  1. Filled-in Application form (Korean or English) including:
    • Study Plan (Korean or English)
    • Cover Letter (Korean or English)
    • Affidavit of Financial Support (Korean or English)
  2. Official Transcript (English)
  3. Certificate of Enrollment (English)
  4. Letter of Recommendation (Korean or English)
  5. A copy of students ID Card
  6. A copy of the first page of Passport
  7. 3 photographs (3x4cm size) – white background
  8. Certificate of TOPIK (If possible)
  9. Certificate of Health
  10. Kakao Talk / LINE account
  11. Facebook account


Dormitory reservation

  • 4 beds per room.
  • By default, we offer all exchange students on-campus dormitory.
  • At the first semester, no reservations are needed.

Approximate expenses

  • On campus dormitory (4-beds per room) for 6months.
  • Administrative fee : 800,000 ~ 900,000 KRW.
  • Meal plan : 450,000 KRW (Breakfast and Dinner on Weekdays).
  • A cost of one meal is equal to 4000~4500 KRW.

* NOTE : There is no obligation for meal plan. It’s optional.

Extra Korean Class

  • For Those who can’t speak Korean and also want to learn basic Korean, during their stay in CU, we offer “Extra Korean Class”.
  • 3 times/week, 2hrs for one time, after all classes are done (18:00-20:00) cost: 200,000KRW

*(Having a TOPIK Certificate is optional)