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Short Info

Seinan Gakuin University is a humanities-focused university with a long history of international exchange and cooperation. The internation exchange program, now managed in the Center for International Education, is one of the oldest such programs in Japan. The location of the University, in Kyushu’s largest city, known as the “gateway to Asia ” offers students an exciting environment in which to learn and grow.In addition to its 14 courses of study in seven undergraduate departments – Theology, Literature, Commerce, Economics, Law, Human Sciences, and Intercultural Studies – SGU also offers nine courses in eight graduate divisions including Law, Business Administration, Literature, Economics, Law School, Theology, Human Sciences and Intercultural Studies.


Semester Period

Spring   : Januari – Mei

Fall         :Agustus – Desember


Exchange Students

SGU offers one year/semester student exchange study programs and four-week intensive Japanese language & culture programs. Students participating in the exchange program are selected by their home institutions to complete a semester or one year of undergraduate study at the International Division of Seinan Gakuin University. Non-English speakers are required to have proficiency in English to understand the classes taught in English. However, proficiency in Japanese is not required for admission.



Department of Theology

Department of Literature

Department of Commerce

Department of Economics

Department of Law

Department of Human Sciences

Department of Intercultural Studies


Application Deadline

For Fall Semester : March 31, 2016

For Spring Semester : August 31, 2016


Estimated Living Cost

ACADEMIC S COSTS    ¥=Japanese yen
Tuition ¥ 375,000/semester,  ¥ 750,000/ year (Exempted for Exchange Student)
Field Trip Fee ¥ 10,000 ? 20,000 Approx.
Textbooks Fee ¥ 20,000 Approx. (depends on courses)
LIVING EXPENSES (Approximate costs for 10 months)
Rent Fee including utilities ¥ 31,000/month (I-House) ? ¥ 60,000 Approx. (Off-Campus)
Room cleaning Fee ¥ 8,640 / one-time only
Futon rental Fee ¥ 9,720/ semester, ¥ 15,120/ year
INSURANCE (Mandatory)
Japan National Health Insurance ¥ 1,500 ? 2,000?Approx. / month
On Campus Personal Accident Insurance ¥ 1,000 / one-time only
Personal Liability Insurance ¥ 900/ semester ? ¥ 1,500/ year  Apporpx.

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