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Handong Global University

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Handong Global University is a private, Christian, four-year university located in Pohang, North Gyeongsang province, South Korea. Since its foundation in 1995, Handong Global University (HGU) has been promoting the globalization of education and its campus under the slogan “Why not change the world?”.  HGU offers a distinctively Christian, high-caliber academic education in a loving and culturally diverse environment. The global leaders educated at Handong are reaching out to the world and making a difference for God’s Kingdom and His glory.

Exchange Students

Handong, located in the eastern coast of South Korea, offers a distinctively Christian and highly academic education in a loving and culturally diverse environment. The global leaders educated at Handong are reaching out to the world and making a difference for God’s Kingdom and His glory.

The time you will spend at Handong is going to be the most exiting experience of your life, a learning curve like nothing else you have witnessed before. You will become a member of a global community where fellow students share the same commitment and passion towards learning and making this world a better place.

As international students, you bring forth perceptions and cultures of the world; you play a large part in making this community more global; you add to the diversity and contribute toward the special Handong experience.

Available Programs

Global Leadership School | Freshman

Humanities and Social Sciences | Sophomore

School of International Studies, Languages & Literature : International and Area Studies / English

School of Management & Economics : Management / Economics / Global Management

School of Law Korean : Law / U.S. & International Law

School of Communication Arts & Science  : Mass Communication/Visual and Performing Arts

School of Counseling Psychology & Social Welfare : Counseling Psychology / Social Welfare

Engineering/Natural Science and Arts | Sophomore

School of Life Science : Life Science

School of Computer Science & Electronic Engineering

School of Mechanical & Control Engineering

School of Spatial Environment System Engineering

School of Industrial & Media Design

Global EDISON Academy

Semester Period

Period of Study

HGU’s one academic year is composed of two regular semesters (spring & fall). Spring semester starts from March to June and fall semester starts from September to December. One regular semester is composed of 16 weeks including the midterm and final week. International students may enroll up to 2 semesters as a full time, “non-degree” student.

Entry Requirements


  • Currently enrolled as a full-time student pursuing 4-year undergraduate degree and completed at least 1 academic year
    •Recommended and referred by exchange coordinator of institution that has student exchange agreement with Handong
    •Good academic standing at your current university (GPA of 2.5/4.0 or higher for exchange student; 3.0/4.0 or higher for visiting student)
    •Must have no criminal record history; must not abuse drugs or alcohol
    •Must have no record of expulsion or suspension due to violating code of conduct of your school

Credit Transfer

You must contact your home university and ask if it is possible to transfer the Handong credits to your home university’s credit. After the semester ends, the Office of International Affairs will send your academic transcript to your home university by your request.


International students can take up to 22 credits (approximately 7 to 9 courses per semester). Assessment criteria will be decided by the class professor(s). All students are required to attend at least 75% of class time in order to pass the class.

Application documents

  • Exchange students application form (it includes recommendation form & handong pledge)
  • Official transcripts
  • Copy of passport (must be clear and legible)
  • 1 head-shoulder photo
  • (Other documents needed: financial statements, health insurance when they apply for Visa)

Application procedure

  • Nomination forms
    All exchange students must be nominated by their home university. The home coordinator must e-mail the following information toexchange@handong.edu
    •Name (Last name/ First name)
    •Date of Birth (yy/mm/dd)
    •Student’s email-address
  • Application forms
  • All nominations should submit their application-documents to email:exchange@handong.edu by 30th Nov
    All documents should be sent as a scanned version in one PDF file.
    •We do not accept paper (hard copy, mail)


DEADLINE : Spring semester: 3rd week of May / Fall semester: 3rd week of November


Estimated Living Cost

Tuition & Fees for Exchange Students

Tuition & Fees
Tuition The tuition fee may be completely waived or as much as $4,000 for one semester depending on the partnership agreement between your school and HGU.
Dormitory Approximately 628,000KRW ($600) / semester


For the First month in HGU
From Seoul to Pohang (Campus) Approx. 30,~70,000 KRW ($3~70)
Orientation fee Approx. 200,000 KRW ($200)
Blanket, bed cover, etc. Approx. 30,000 KRW ($30)
Text books Approx. 200,000 KRW ($200)


Living Expense in HGU
Food KRW 2,800~5,000 ($3~5) / a meal
Transportation (Campus to downtown) KRW 500 ($0.5) / time


Please contact exchange@handong.edu to find out what tuition rate may apply to your status.
Tuition for Visiting Students
•Tuition: USD $5,000 per semester
•Room: USD 600 or KWR 628,000 (Meal plan is not included)
•Board: Students purchase meal ticket (“food points”) after arriving at the campus. A meal ticket price ranges KWR 2,800 to 5,000
•Books and Supplies: USD $200 (estimated)


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