Student Exchange

UNPAR provides opportunity for UNPAR students to enroll for 1 (one) semester at our partner universities. Semester exchange or Student Exchange programs are available under bilateral cooperation or UNPAR consortium, such as Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia (ACUCA); International Network Universities (INU); Association of Southeast and East Asian Catholic College and Universities (ASEACCU).

For students who are interested to apply for exchange on Spring (genap) or Fall (ganjil) Semester:

Basic Requirements for Student Exchange Program:

  1. Active student of UNPAR, Graduate or Undergraduate
  2. For Undergraduate have completed minimum 75 credits (SKS)
  3. Minimum GPA (IP Kumulatif) :
    • 3,00
  4. Minimum UNPAR TOEFL : 550
  5. English Proficiency*** :
    • TOEFL 550 / IELTS 6

**GPA less than 3,00 is allowed be submitted along with letter of recommendation from Head of Department.

***English proficiency depends on the requirement of Host University.

What Do You Have To Prepare:

  • Application form (signed and stamped by your Head of Dept.)
  • CV
  • Statement Letter
  • Motivation Letter
  • Official Transcript
  • Proof of English Proficiency
  • Copy of Passport (if you already have)
  • Short introductory video (Duration: 1 minute)

How To Apply:

  • Read the Step of Application on our website
  • Once you have decided on which University you would like to apply, check whether you are eligible based on their standard.
  • If you are eligible, talk to your Head of Department on the possibility of (i) credit transfer and (ii) the duration of study. Please note that if you receive your mark from the host university after the period of grade submission in UNPAR, your credit will not be accommodated.
  • Submit the application form along with other requirements to us before the deadline.
  • You CAN NOT apply individually to host university. The International Office will have to nominate you.
  • Once we have your application we will contact you and discuss the possibility of scholarship and subsidies. Note that scholarship and subsidies are subject to evaluation by the University.
  • If you receive nomination from the International Office you might proceed with application to Host University.


*online application & submit all requirement documents

Important Dates

Please note that all the documents needed for applying Student Exchange for Spring or Fall Semester program must be submitted  at the latest on:

Fall Semester       : 25th February

Spring Semester : 30th August